Irene Y. Chen

The Seven Deadly Sins of Academic Conferences

Past the construction site, across the deserted parking lot, and through the shrubbery, I finally arrived at the front entrance of Northeastern University for my first academic conference.

30 things I learned at MLHC 2017

This past weekend, I learned a lot about machine learning and healthcare at MLHC 2017. Here are 30 thoughts and findings that I could squeeze into bullet points.

The Gumbel Trick

Until I read the recent paper at ICML 2017, I hadn’t heard of the Gumbel trick. There is surprisingly little online about the Gumbel trick—related to the more popular Gumbel-max trick—so here we go.

How to make this blog

For a long time, I thought creating a personal website was too intimidating, too cumbersome, or too much trouble. When I read other people’s blogs, the authors never mentioned how they made the blog, which made me think it was effortless for them.