Irene Y. Chen
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PhD Student
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

My research is in the field of machine learning and healthcare. I work on developing novel machine learning methods to advance healthcare through the lens of inclusion and equity.

I'm a member of the Clinical Machine Learning group at MIT and the Graduate Education in Medical Sciences certificate program at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology.

Contact Info

Twitter: @irenetrampoline
Github: irenetrampoline
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04/2021: I was featured on the TWiML AI Podcast! I also gave talks at Harvard CRCS Rising Stars for AI Health and the J-Clinic Healthcare Equity conference, and spoke on a panel at UT-Austin.

02/2021: Our preprint, Clustering Left-Censored Multivariate Time Series is available on arXiv.

08/2020: I finished my internship at Microsoft Research NYC working with Solon Barocas and Hal Daumé III.

04/2018: I ran the Boston Marathon in 38 degree weather!

Organizing Committees

ACM CHIL 2021 Tutorials Chair
ACM CHIL 2020 Tutorials Chair
ACM CHIL 2020 Track Chair
Fair ML for Health Workshop at NeurIPS 2019 Co-Chair
ML4H Workshop at NeurIPS 2020 Organizer
ML4H Workshop at NeurIPS 2019 Organizer
ML4H Workshop at NeurIPS 2018 Organizer

Awards and Honors

Rising Star in AI - Harvard CRCS 2021
Rising Star in EECS - University of California Berkeley 2021
Rising Star in ML - University of Maryland 2021
Neurips Top 400 Reviewer 2019
Seth J. Teller Award for Excellence, Inclusion, and Diversity 2018
PD Soros Fellowship Finalist 2018
Derek Bok Certificate of Distinction in Teaching 2011


Machine Learning and Healthcare (Teaching Assistant, MIT)
Algorithms and Data Structures (Teaching Fellow, Harvard)
Multivariate Calculus (Teaching Fellow, Harvard)
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Teaching Fellow, Harvard)
Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I (Course Assistant, Harvard)
Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II (Course Assistant, Harvard)
Microeconomic Theory (Course Assistant, Harvard)

Selected Papers (Show all)

Clustering Censored Multivariate Time-Series
Irene Y. Chen, Rahul G. Krishnan, David Sontag.
ArXiv preprint.

Intimate Partner Violence and Injury Prediction from Radiology Reports.
Irene Y. Chen, Emily Alsentzer, Hyesun Park, Richard Thomas, Babina Gosangi, Rahul Gujrathi, Bharti Khurana.
PSB 2021.
Oral Presentation.

Ethical Machine Learning in Health Care
Irene Y. Chen, Emma Pierson, Sherri Rose, Shalmali Joshi, Kadija Ferryman, Marzyeh Ghassemi.
Annual Reviews for Biomedical Data Science 2021.

Robustly Extracting Medical Knowledge from EHRs: A Case Study of Learning a Health Knowledge Graph.
Irene Y. Chen, Monica Agrawal, Steven Horng, David Sontag.
PSB 2020.
Oral Presentation.

Treating health disparities with artificial intelligence
Irene Y. Chen, Shalmali Joshi, Marzyeh Ghassemi
Nature Medicine, January 2020

Can AI Help Reduce Disparities in General Medical and Mental Health Care?
Irene Y. Chen, Peter Szolovits, Marzyeh Ghassemi.
AMA Journal of Ethics, February 2019.

Why Is My Classifier Discriminatory?
Irene Y. Chen, Fredrik D. Johansson, David Sontag.
NeurIPS 2018.
Spotlight Presentation (top 4% of submitted papers)
Presented at WiML workshop at NeurIPS 2017.